Slendertone Reviews: What Are They Really Saying?

Men and women alike today are reading through Slendertone reviews with one mission in mind, and that mission is to uncover the truth about what to expect from this device. This is, of course, the belt that you have seen on TV that promises to strengthen and tone your core region to perfection simply by wearing it for a few minutes each day. If you are reading through these reviews, too, you no doubt want to know what exactly other people are saying about it. So what’s the truth about this product?

Real Resultsslendertone belt package

First and foremost, when you read through a few Slendertone reviews for yourself, you will notice right away that these reviews talk about real results. The belt wraps around your core region and uses Electronic Muscle Stimulation, otherwise known as EMS, to tone and strengthen all of the muscles in your core region. The reviews attest to the fact that this technology does work, and those who have tried the belt say they can feel the belt working right away and see results in their figure within a few sessions with the belt, too.

Comfortable to Wear

Some of the Slendertone reviews posted online talk about the comfort factor of the belt. Many who buy this belt are not in the least bit concerned about comfort and instead just really want to tone up their core region without having to do hundreds of crunches every day. The good news is that this belt gives you the results you want in a completely comfortable way. In fact, the belt is so slender and lightweight that many talk about wearing it under their clothes to the park, to the grocery store, and to other public areas, too.

Slimming Device

Many people who bought this belt and wrote Slendertone reviews have mentioned that this belt is not a weight loss device. Some did buy it for weight loss and were disappointed that they did not lose weight. Others, however, buy it simply to tone and tighten up their midsection, and many people said their belly jiggle and fat rolls melted down. Some even talked about getting incredible definition that they were unable to achieve through their own workout efforts.

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Real Comments

You may be wondering what some of the specific comments people have made about the belt are. Here are just a few of the many comments you can find in Slendertone reviews others have posted online:

“I can really feel the tightening of my core muscles and the slimming, more pulled in, look of my abdomen.”
— Cola,

“I highly recommend the slendertone abs belt, as it helped improve my energy levels and get me results quickly that motivated me to be able to work out normally.”
— Christopher M Hayes,

Getting Your Own Belt

After you take some time to read through some of the many Slendertone reviews on your own, you will find that this is a belt that many people absolutely love. In fact, the product has almost a four-star rating on It is designed to trim up your midsection in a fast and easy way, and it gives you the timesaving benefit of allowing you to move around freely while the belt does all of the work for you. You can quickly and easily place your order online, and then within a few days you can be trying the belt out on your own and seeing how well it works for yourself. So many people absolutely love what the belt has done for them, and you likely will, too.

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