Should You Believe the Slendertone Ab Belt Claims?

If you are looking into what the Slendertone Ab Belt can really do today, you are not alone. This toning belt makes a lot of claims on its TV commercials and its website, so it’s not surprising that you would want to know more about what it really can do for you. After all, there are tons of abs devices on the market today that all make some big claims, too, and if you’ve tried some of those products out for yourself already, you likely were sorely disappointed by the results. So is this product any different?

Advanced, Proven Technologyslendertone ab belt package

It sure does seem like all of those other toning devices on the market that help you to roll, crunch, or shape your midsection are based on new, exciting technology. But the fact is that the Slendertone Ab Belt isn’t new at all. It actually is designed based on medical-grade technology that has been used in a variety of medical settings for years and years. This isn’t new technology at all, but instead it’s proven technology that actually does give you toning results.

No Effort at All

The Slendertone Ab Belt promises to give you results without any effort on your part except wearing the belt for a few minutes every day. This is an absolutely legitimate claim, as you simply have to strap the belt on and the Electric Muscle Stimulation technology goes to work gently contracting and relaxing your muscles to give you some really solid workout results. If you are like most, you will feel the results from the first session you wear it, and you will start to see results within just a couple of sessions.

Weight Loss Claims

You should be aware before you buy the Slendertone Ab Belt that this belt makes no claims whatsoever about weight loss. Some people do lose weight wearing it, but it’s designed to tone and strengthen. A more realistic result is to expect your waist to lose inches around the middle as your core muscles tighten up, but often you will need to combine wearing the belt with your own diet and weight loss efforts to see weight loss if that is your goal.

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What Are People Saying About It?

Before you spend your money buying the Slendertone Ab Belt and spend your time wearing it daily, you no doubt want to know what people who have actually tried it out have to say about it. The fact is that many people have already purchased this belt and are enjoying some fabulous results from wearing it. Here are some of their real comments that have been posted online:

“I don’t have much time to hit the gym, so I wear it in the car on the way to work every day. It really does work, and I’ve lost about two inches around my waist so far.”
— Paul H.

“I really am surprised at how great this works. I can’t wait to try out the arm device for my flabby arms!”
— Yvette N.

When You Buy It

After learning more about how the Slendertone Ab Belt works to give you results and seeing that other people have talked about great results in their reviews, you will definitely want to put the belt through a test of your own. Take time today to order your own ab toning belt, and be sure to place your order through the product website to get the legitimate belt and not an imitation. You will start feeling the results right away, so why not place your order today to get started?

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