Should You Buy the Proform Ab Glider?

There are now several different abdominal exercise machines on the market today, some of which look almost identical. But if you are going to buy one for your home, then you obviously don’t want to pay top dollar and you want the highest-quality machine possible. When I was looking for an ab machine, I tried several and then ended up buying the Proform Ab Glider.

What Is the Proform Ab Glider?ab glider

This is similar to two other ab machines and actually combines both of their unique moves into one. So with one machine, you will get the same kind of exercising that you would get if you had to pay nearly $500 for those other machines. This is really two machines in one and that means that you can double the efforts on your abs, plus you can get in a good cardio workout with the Ab Glider, too.

How Does It Work?

When you first see the Proform Ab Glider, you might be a little surprised at how it works. After all, how can you work your abs when you are kneeling and holding on to handlebars? But the way that this machine works is very different from any other ab machine you have been on. First of all, it works in two separate planes, so not only are you swinging yourself left to right, but you can also go forward and backward. That means that not only will you get to hit all parts of your abdominal region, but you will get a great cardiovascular workout as well.

“This is so much fun, I find myself on it more than scheduled. It really does work.”
Penelope, FL

Ab Glider

What Do You Get When You Order?

Although you might be able to find the Proform Ab Glider in some stores, you will definitely get a much better deal online. Plus, you can also try it out for a trial period to see if it works for you. When you order this online, not only will you get the Ab Glider, but you will also get a 3-Minute Results DVD that will show you how to use the device, an Amazing Abs DVD that will help you to work out even harder, and a weight loss eating guide that is designed to help you lose weight while you are losing inches around your weight.

This device also comes with a full on-board computer to help you count your reps, keep track of the time, and also count the calories that you have burned while working out. This will help to keep you really motivated.

“I feel like I’m able to really enjoy working out my mid-section, which is nothing I could ever do before.”
Freddy, MN

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What Makes This Machine So Different?

Most abdominal machines only allow you to target one particular part of your abdominal region at one time, with no regard for a cardio workout at all. But if you want to build your abs, lose inches around your waist, and also lose weight, then you will really enjoy how much time you can save while you are on this.

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Is This the Machine for You?

If you already own a treadmill or a stationary bike, then you know that although it can be a lot of fun to have equipment at home, you sure aren’t working out what is probably one of your biggest problem areas – your abs. With the Proform Ab Glider, you can turn your home into a full gym and get a comfortable, enjoyable, and very effective workout for your abs and your entire cardiovascular system all on one compact and affordable machine.

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