Improve Your Abs With the Pro Form Ab Glider

Few of us have a lot of extra time these days and if you are trying to find a way to burn calories, improve your abs, and actually increase your cardiovascular strength, then the Pro Form Ab Glider might be just the machine for you. This takes up little space in your home, is far more affordable than other competing models, and will make working out your abdominal region actually enjoyable.

Ab Glider

How Does the Pro Form Ab Glider Work?

When you first see this device, you might think that it is much like the other different ab machines that are currently on the market. After all, you kneel on the padded seat and you then grab on to the handlebars, but that is really where the similarities end. Instead of swinging back and forth or forward and backward, the Pro Form Ab Glider uses all planes of motion so that you can be sure to work all parts of your abs.

Is This A Hard Workout?

If you are looking for a workout that will simply emulate crunches or sit-ups, then this is not it. In fact, this is as much of a cardio workout as it is an abdominal strength builder. But what this means for you is that while you are working your abs (which no one wants to do), you will also be burning calories and burning fat. So in many ways, this is like several different machines in one and really bears no relation to doing sit-ups or crunches at all.

“My husband and I both enjoy doing this. It has made a big difference in our weight and I know that our abs are getting stronger every day.”
Janie, CO

What Do You Get When You Buy It?

Like many products these days, not only will you get a better deal when you buy it online, but you will also get features that you just wouldn’t get if you bought it in your local store. For example, you can try the Pro Form Ab Glider out for a full month with no commitment, which should give you plenty of time to really get a feel for it and see if you not only enjoy it, but if you also get the results you were looking for.

In addition to the Pro Form Ab Glider itself, you will also get a weight loss eating guide, a 3-Minute Results DVD (which will show you how to use the machine), and an Amazing Abs DVD. You will also get a feature that is often missing from other abdominal machines, and that is an onboard computer. This computer will help to calculate just how many calories you are burning, not to mention how long you have been working out and how many reps you have done.

“I hated working my abs so I had pretty much given up on them until the Pro Form Ab Glider came around. This is fun!”
Suzie, NY

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Should You Buy It?

There are several types of people who are currently buying this product right now. Some people are in pretty good shape but they just want a way to target their abs. If this is you, then you will enjoy what a great ab workout you get out of it. On the other hand, some people who buy this have no access to any other exercise equipment and want a way to trim down their waist and also start working on a set of “six pack abs.” For them, this is perfect, too. Basically, if you want to get fit and have a strong core, then you can’t go wrong with the Pro Form Ab Glider.

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